Kevin Owens was brutally attacked

Huge return last night during WWE SmackDown

by Simone Brugnoli
Kevin Owens was brutally attacked
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In recent weeks, we have seen several characters absent from the WWE rings, some due to injury, some because they decided not to renew their agreement with the company and some instead to "sell" some injury suffered in their last match, such as Randy Orton.

The last time WWE Universe fans had seen Randy Orton in the WWE rings was about three weeks ago at King & Queen of the Ring, from Saudi Arabia, where Randy had gone to clash with GUNTHER, in the final of the company's King of the Ring, with the Austrian athlete who had managed to get the better of the Apex Predator, despite his not exactly legitimate pinfall.

During last night's episode of Friday Night SmackDown, which aired at a very convenient time for our audience, Kevin Owens was attacked once again by the new Bloodline, with the WWE Prizefighter however being saved this time by the surprise return of Randy Orton, who amidst the roar of the crowd rushed to beat up Tama Tonga, Solo Sikoa and Tanga Loa, saving Kevin Owens from yet another debacle and literally sending the entire Bloodline running away.

Randy Orton saved Kevin Owens

In addition to having built a beautiful relationship with the people who work in the company, Kevin Owens has also built it with his fans, so much so that he recently made a beautiful gesture for one of them.

In fact, he had qualified for the Men's Elimination Chamber Match in Perth, Australia on the occasion of the Premium Live Event that gives the name to this match, going to clash with: Logan Paul, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton and LA Knight.

Although unfortunately he did not manage to win, with his being the second participation in a match of this type after the one in 2021, he did something very special for a little fan who he met a few hours before the event through a meeting organized by WWE for Make-A-Wish.

In his latest interview, the Apex Predator of the company wanted to talk about the future of a colleague who in his opinion will be very bright, namely Austin Theory, with Randy who spoke about his SmackDown colleague to the microphones of WrestleBinge: "I don't have a crystal ball or anything like that, but Austin Theory is still young and he's got a great look.

I know where his head is. I've talked to him several times and unlike all the distractions I had as a kid, he doesn't have one. He's more motivated and focused; he sees the goal, he knows what he wants and I think he'll definitely be a world champion one day".

Kevin Owens Smackdown