Batista on His Last Match

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Batista on His Last Match

Dave Bautista is a popular Hollywood action hero but he was a WWE Superstar first. He wrestled using the name Batista, and he used his fame from wrestling to enter the world of Hollywood. Batista announced his retirement from professional wrestling after he wrestled Triple H at WrestleMania 35.

On the Chris Jericho podcast, he spoke about the long time it took for that match to happen. "I don't know if Vince just didn't see value in it, after my last run with the company," Batista stated. "Last year it was scheduling (he was filming a movie), it always one thing or another.

I kept bugging Vince about it. I saw him we were both having surgeries, I was having a hamstring repaired and he was having a knee replaced. I talked to him about it and he said he would call and never did. I told Hunter about it and he was upset, he said he asked Vince about it and Vince didn't recall.

Which is possible, he could have been on something (because of the surgery)”. His last run was better than his run in 2014 but he admitted that WWE creative required a lot of work this time around as well. He spoke about his promos that were terrible in 2014 and he just kept saying the same thing. This time Batista claimed that he had some creative control over his promos.