Jeff Hardy has officially become a free agent

Jeff Hardy is a free agent after his AEW experience

by Simone Brugnoli
Jeff Hardy has officially become a free agent
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As reported by Matt Hardy himself some time ago, his and his brother's contract with AEW has been getting closer and closer to its natural expiration in recent weeks, and while Matt Hardy was freed earlier because he was never absent, being able to return to TNA, Jeff needed a little more time due to his absences for various reasons including rehabilitation and some physical problems.

In a new update that was given to us by Fightful Select in fact, with a transcription of WrestleTalk, we learned that today June 14, 2024 Jeff Hardy would officially be a free agent, so there would be no renewal with AEW.

It was thought that many more days would actually be added to the contract after his absences, but probably the two parties agreed that it didn't make sense to do so if AEW didn't intend to use him again. Also according to the same site, Matt Hardy and AEW have spoken about a renewal, but now it's been quiet for a long time, making one think that there is no intention on the part of the two brothers to return to Tony Khan's court.

In addition, some sources in TNA have told the journalists of Fightful that there is a strong interest in having Jeff Hardy back, just like his brother, with the two who have made history in the Canadian federation.

Jeff Hardy is a wrestling legend

A further update on the situation that could also be a SPOILER, so be careful, comes to us from PWInsider who reported that Jeff Hardy could even make his quick return to TNA at tonight's event Against All Odds.

And an important clue was actually given to us in last night's episode of TNA iMPACT!, which as always you can find told on our pages, where there was a little tease about his possible return. Brother Matt, meanwhile, has become a free agent after his contract with Tony Khan's company expired...

And there are many doubts about Jeff's contractual position. Wrestlingnews expected that, given the injury, the contract of the youngest of the Hardy brothers would be extended until 2025, but so far this hasn't happened, and it's not even clear what All Elite's position on the matter might be.

Matt Hardy doesn't know much more about it either: he was the one who spoke, during a podcast, about his brother's full recovery, and defined what could happen in Jeff's career as "interesting".

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