Solo Sikoa gave an exceptional show

Kevin Owens and Solo Sikoa clash in a tough main event

by Simone Brugnoli
Solo Sikoa gave an exceptional show
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Backstage, Nick Aldis informs Solo Sikoa that Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa are banned from ringside and that if they even interfere, they are all suspended. Paul Heyman then tells him that if he loses this match he will lose the leadership and the respect of his allies who will take it out on him, but Rikishi's son replies that in reality if he were to lose he would go after him.

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn appear in front of their audience arriving on the ramp for an interview, with the two saying that they will make history tomorrow at Clash at the Castle to become the tag team champions. Solo Sikoa (w/ Paul Heyman) vs Kevin Owens - The two do not wait even a second to give each other a good beating and end up outside the ring where Kevin Owens takes total control by taking down Solo Sikoa supported by all of Glasgow who cheers him on.

Back from the break, it's only Sikoa dominating with some well-placed shots that make the poor Canadian go dazed, but he responds feeling the energy of the arena, while outside there is Paul Heyman very agitated and sweating coldly.

Kevin Owens hits the Samoan, comes the Cannon Ball, the Swenton Bomb and the pin BUT NOTHING TO DO!

Kevin Owens and Solo Sikoa clash

We return from the second commercial of the contest with the two who are on the post and Solo Sikoa who tries to lift Kevin Owens, but he responds with some headbutts, an elbow and makes him fall and then scores with a Splash that however does not guarantee him the victory, and we continue.

The Samoan in turn tries the pin, KO however does not give up and almost gets to the Samoan Spike, but Kevin Owens avoids it AND ON WITH STUNNERS AND PINS, but the two are close to the ropes and Paul Heyman puts Solo Sikoa's foot on the ropes.

Kevin Owens then comes out furious, grabs Paul Heyman and not gently accompanies him against the barricades before clearing the commentary table to throw him on top, but Solo Sikoa reaches him with a Samoan Spike, brings him to the ring AND HERE COMES ANOTHER THUMB AND VICTORY!

In the meantime, the two brothers also arrive and can finally attack them KO, BUT BEWARE BECAUSE RANDY ORTON SURPRISELY APPEARS AND STARTS TO CLEAN UP! Unfortunately at a certain point he tries the RKO on Solo Sikoa, but in the end it is Tonga Loa who takes it, appearing from behind him.

Solo Sikoa Kevin Owens