Former WWE Personality Supports Triple H's Opinion on Will Ospreay Commentary

Will Ospreay confronts Triple H's critique on AEW Dynamite.

by Noman Rasool
Former WWE Personality Supports Triple H's Opinion on Will Ospreay Commentary
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The wrestling world is abuzz after a heated exchange between WWE's Triple H and AEW's Will Ospreay. On a recent segment on the Pat McAfee Show, Triple H shared his philosophy of scouting and recruiting new talent for the WWE while describing the rigors demandingly inherent in the wrestling industry.

He stated that choosing wrestlers who want to work a lighter schedule might be more than a portent that there isn't enough dedication necessary for the environment of WWE. "When I see people choosing positions where the burden is significantly less, I'm glad those people aren't on our team," Triple H said.

"At this level in their lives, if they aren't ready to grind, then they just don't belong here."

Ospreay Strikes Back

Ospreay, whose fiery persona has long spilled out of the ring as much as it has proven so combustible within it, did not take these remarks lying down.In a later episode of AEW Dynamite, he responded angrily, saying, "I'm constantly flying between the UK and America, delivering some of the finest matches globally," Ospreay retorted.

Will Ospreay further attacked Triple H's career direction, saying this one had been enabled by personal relationships rather than hard work and pure talent? The exchange caught the attention of former WWE manager Dutch Mantell, who spoke about the issue on air on his show, Story Time with Dutch Mantell.

Mantell took Triple H's side, calling into question Ospreay's preparations for the 'grind' that is a WWE wrestler's life. "The schedule is lighter now than ever, but it ain't easy. Triple H's point stays: it ain't for everybody," he said.

Ospreay himself came out to say that he was determined to avoid all such controversies in the future and wanted to concentrate on his performances and connecting with the fans. However, this incident has not ended, as much debate is underway among the fans and experts, who are observing if this public spat will have any bearing on the career of Ospreay or if it will gradually subside like so many other things as both moves on.

It's an issue reflective of a debate that's long been at play within pro wrestling as a whole, and that is where the line should be drawn between career longevity and grind. It's something the different promotions, from WWE to All Elite Wrestling, have approached from very different philosophical angles. As the world changes, so does this concept of what it means to 'grind' in professional wrestling.

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