Otis Turns on Gable as Sami Zayn Defends IC Title at WWE Clash at the Castle

Tensions flare in a high-stakes championship showdown.

by Noman Rasool
Otis Turns on Gable as Sami Zayn Defends IC Title at WWE Clash at the Castle
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Sami Zayn successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship at WWE's Clash at the Castle, amidst escalating tensions and chaos within the ranks of Alpha Academy. The event, which took place in front of a lively crowd, saw Alpha Academy's own Chad Gable inadvertently cause further strife, particularly with his team member, Maxxine.

From the onset, Gable demonstrated control, dominating the early moments of his title match against Sami Zayn. However, the dynamics quickly shifted when Gable stepped outside the ring to pass the championship belt to Maxxine, instructing her to strike Sami Zayn while he was vulnerable.

Displaying moral restraint, Maxxine chose not to use the belt, prompting a frustrated Gable to confront her publicly at ringside.

Near Miss Escalates

The match intensified when Sami Zayn nearly hit Maxxine with his signature Helluva Kick as she stood on the apron—an action that led to a heated exchange and a near fall when Gable seized the moment to execute a Chaos Theory.

Despite the distraction, Sami Zayn managed to kick out, keeping the match alive. The chaos escalated as Gable continued to berate Maxxine outside the ring, prompting Otis, another member of Alpha Academy, to intervene. In a critical moment, Gable pushed Otis into the path of an aerial attack from Sami Zayn, who was perched on the top rope.

Gable then attempted a moonsault, first striking both Otis and Sami Zayn outside the ring and then missing a subsequent attempt on Sami Zayn back inside the ring. As the action spilled outside once more, Sami Zayn cleverly tripped Chad Gable, leading him to inadvertently injure Maxxine's ankle.

This sparked further outrage from Otis, who confronted Gable once again. With tensions at a breaking point, Otis chose to assist Maxxine, leaving the ringside in a pivotal moment of dissent. This distraction allowed Sami Zayn to capitalize with a Helluva Kick, securing the pinfall victory over Gable.

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