WWE has big plans for Cody Rhodes' future

Cody Rhodes still WWE Champion in Scotland

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE has big plans for Cody Rhodes' future
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Clash at the Castle in Scotland opened with a bang with the challenge for the Undisputed WWE Championship between champion Cody Rhodes and his challenger AJ Styles who faced each other in a very intense “I Quit” Match that saw both men go at it in and out of the ring, in the crowd, backstage and with every type of weapon at their disposal.

The finale came when AJ Styles surrendered just before Cody Rhodes could hit him with the steps after handcuffing him to the middle rope, with the American Nightmare who therefore confirmed himself as champion once again, leaving the fans present in the arena happy.

The problem is that afterwards, while he was returning triumphant backstage, Solo Sikoa silently reached him, the two looked at each other intensely and then Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa attacked him mercilessly, but luckily for him both Kevin Owens and Randy Orton stepped forward to save him and allow him to return backstage on his own two feet, albeit in pain.

Cody Rhodes still WWE Champion

Just a few hours before this event, there was a special statement from Wrestling Observer journalist Dave Meltzer, reported by Wrestle Ops on X, where he said that: “The next big match destination right now for Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes is Solo Sikoa”.

So it seems that the federation is working in order to have Rikishi’s son go against the American Nightimare perhaps for Money in the Bank, leaving open a window for perhaps a rematch between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns at SummerSlam or who knows, maybe a match with Randy Orton also considering the fact that The Viper intervened to help the champion, perhaps because he has every intention of challenging him and not someone else when the time comes.

After Styles' sensational attack, Cody tried in every way to get his hands on his opponent on Friday night at SmackDown, having to call in security and the general manager of the blue show, to avoid the worst. Finally, in a segment in the ring, Styles loudly asked for a title match for the next WWE Scottish PPV, with the American Nightmare who willingly accepted to put his belt on the line, but choosing an I Quit match.

Cody Rhodes