Aleister Black to Cut Promo This Week

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Aleister Black to Cut Promo This Week

Aleister Black appeared at the few WWE Live Events and even won a match against Elias. He hasn’t really competed ever since the WWE Superstar Shakeup 2019. WWE announced a while back that Black’s opponent will be revealed on Tuesday night’s Smackdown episode.

His opponent will wrestle him at the WWE Extreme Rules PPV event. @WrestleVotes reported that the opponent for Black might actually be Cesaro. Weeks ago, Black actually challenged the mystery opponent to come and fight him at WWE Extreme Rules.

So it is most likely that we will see Black vs. Cesaro, but changes might be made by the new Executive Director of Smackdown, Eric Bischoff. Bischoff won’t have full control over the show before WWE Extreme Rules. "Who knocked on my door, who shall I see? Well, come this Tuesday we will find out who picked a fight with me," Black said.

This is what the WWE announced concerning this week’s Smackdown: “Aleister Black's opponent for WWE Extreme Rules to be revealed For weeks, Aleister Black has been begging for someone on SmackDown LIVE to knock on his door and pick a fight with him.

Finally, someone answered the call two weeks ago, and this Tuesday night, the WWE Universe will discover just who it was. Who will step to The Dutch Destroyer at WWE Extreme Rules? Tune-in to SmackDown LIVE this Tuesday night to find out!”