New details on Damian Priest's injury

Judgment Day's member took a big risk at Clash at the Castle

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on Damian Priest's injury
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On Saturday, June 15, 2024, we saw a number of great matches staged during Clash at the Castle, with the main event that saw Damian Priest remain the heavyweight world champion on Monday Night Raw, in a brutal match against Drew McIntyre, won by the champion thanks to the entry into the ring of CM Punk with the referee shirt.

During the match, however, there was a commercial that frightened both the world champion and fans in the Scottish arena, when Priest jumped from the top rope, but remained with his leg wedged between the second and the third rope of the ring, practically dangling on the apron ring.

After the event, the Judgmet Day member said he needed to get checked out because it was hurting him, but he wasn’t going anywhere. In a series of new updates from multiple sources, we have now learned that apparently Damian Priest is fine and has not suffered any serious injuries, although of course we should wait tonight for the Raw episode for official confirmation.

Update on Damian Priest's injury

Starting from what Fightful Select said, with the words reported on WrestleTalk, apparently Damian Priest said to "feel good" backstage immediately after the match. In addition, it has been said that the wrestler sold perfectly selling what happened to his ankle, as we could see ourselves, and that also for this he received the compliments of all backstage for his performance.

To reassure everyone about his health in the post-match, however, the same champion, who said in the press room to the various journalists arrived from all over Europe: "I mean, now I feel my ankle like garbage. I didn’t even go to the doctors because I’m here talking to you guys, so please.

I’ve been able to beat Drew McIntyre on one foot, so I can go". A further update came from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, transcribed by WrestleTalk, with the journalist saying, "I actually talked to them and the first news was not bad, they’re actually saying it’s like a miracle.

It wasn’t as bad as they feared, but nothing is conclusive." The latest important news come from LuchaLibre Online that exclusively reported that one of their journalists has discovered that Damian Priest came out of Clash at the Castle without injuries.

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