The Patriot on the WWE Product Being Terrible

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The Patriot on the WWE Product Being Terrible

Del Wilkes aka The Patriot is a veteran wrestled and has wrestled for nearly every top promotion that there is in the world. He worked for the WWE, WCW, AWA and All Japan. He started at AWA and there he met Eric Bischoff who was an announcer at the time.

He spoke highly about him on the WINCLY podcast. "He was our tv guy and a color commentator," Wilkes said of Bischoff. "I instantly got along with Eric and had a friendship with him." Bischoff and Paul Heyman have been rehired by the WWE and they will work as executive directors on Smackdown and RAW respectively.

The Patriot believes that the WWE needs them. "They desperately need something and need some sort of direction. I hope this does it," said Wilkes who isn't a fan of the current WWE product. "I try to [watch it] but I must admit that every time I try to watch, I realize why I don't watch.

I'm not knocking the men and women that bust their butts every night, but the product is horrible." He also stated that the WWE needs to hand over creative control to the wrestlers. He stated that the success of the WWE was based on characters that could cut their own promos. It is true that many people believe that the WWE is killing its product by putting over some heavily scripted promos.