Kenny Omega defends a WWE star

AEW legend Kenny Omega responded harshly to a fan

by Simone Brugnoli
Kenny Omega defends a WWE star

Kenny Omega, also known as "The Cleaner", is absent from the scenes since late 2023 due to diverticulitis that, if not taken in time could have jeopardized his own life. In recent days it has been announced his imminent return on screen that will take place on Wednesday, May 1 in Dynamite, but it is not known if his commitment will be in the ring or representation only.

But in this period of recovery he has occupied his time with two activities well known to many of us: streaming on Twitch and playing Street Fighter. The two things are united on his channel, The Cleaner’s Corner, where he sometimes answers questions that come from the chat and facilitates interaction with his followers.

Kenny Omega defends Roman Reigns

It is known that fandoms are sometimes the primary cause of toxicity, and Fightful reports that a fan’s derogatory statement about Roman Reigns The Cleaner has gone berserk, reprimanding the follower in question and expressing his esteem for the Tribal Chief.

"I’m not going to accept slander against Roman Reigns in this chat," Kenny Omega said. "I think it’s incredible and I don’t think it’s boring at all. I’m actually quite jealous because Roman Reigns is presented in exactly the same way I would like to be presented: he is presented as the man he is, as the champion with whom to play great matches in premium live events, where you either really and completely root for him or root for someone else.

He’s doing what I did in New Japan, so I can’t be his hater... I’m a fan". It is not the first time that Kenny Omega releases these certificates of esteem against Roman Reigns and other superstars of the rival company, and some fans (or pseudo) already claims that he is winking at WWE.

Whether or not this supposition, which is totally unfounded as far as we know, has any basis in truth, is to be seen in the future.

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