TNA Wrestling Star Discusses Challenges at WWE

Exploring the unseen challenges of professional wrestling.

by Noman Rasool
TNA Wrestling Star Discusses Challenges at WWE
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Jordynne Grace, the powerhouse TNA Knockouts Champion title-holder, lately opened up on stringent rules and operational challenges that define how she makes her appearances inside a WWE ring. With WWE wanting to continue to forge its partnerships with wrestling promotions from outside the company, Grace's role has not cooled off.

She made her debut for WWE in striking fashion during the 2024 Royal Rumble, following it up with a surprise challenge against NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez at Battleground. Despite these dominant performances, Grace has very little in the way of wins within WWE.

She did, however, pick up a win on TNA Against All Odds, where Taum Paxley answered her open challenge. In a long conversation with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Grace revealed several limitations that were set for her during her time in NXT, specifically relating to her moveset area.

"Piledrivers are off-limits for me; only a few chosen ones are allowed to do them," she said, suggesting the nature of exclusivity related to some wrestling moves in the company.

Wrestling's Cognitive Burden

Grace shared, too, the cognitive load wrestlers bear in matches, beyond the physical fighting that occurs in precise camera interactions.

"There's so much to remember; it isn't just about the fight, with all those cameras and knowing which one to look at and when," she said. The complexity is multiplied by specific positioning directions, you mainly have to know about the 'gib cam,' a mobile camera that necessitates using other corners of the ring more than others.

Besides the operations issues in WWE, Grace also remarked on her contractual commitments with them. As earlier negotiated with WWE, she finally decided to return to TNA, which makes her more comfortable. "The comfort of TNA always pulled me back," she confessed.

The recent ads, however, took her through wrestling's 'Forbidden Door' to realize the opportunities around other promotions that could give further value to her in-crust wrestling portfolio and the best of both worlds. Grace's revelations give a scarce look into the complex dynamic that professional wrestlers go through backstage in balancing this highly taut act between performance art and stringent operational directions while trying to remain faithful to professional roots and personal comfort.