WWE Controversy: Ex-AEW Star Denied Title Shot

Top Wrestlers Clash in NXT's High-Stakes Battle Royale.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Controversy: Ex-AEW Star Denied Title Shot
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The opening match for this week's WWE NXT, long-anticipated Battle Royale, went off the air with controversy and many questions. It was designed to crown the next man in line to face Trick William for the NXT Championship, with participants from WWE's developmental brand, the main roster, and even TNA Wrestling.

One of the many standouts making their entrances was former AEW standout Ethan Page, also known as "All Ego," whose appearance would be controversial. While the multi-man match proved chaotic and wildly competitive, Je'Von Evans returned with the win.

Controversy again crept in to mar the victory when, most importantly, Page wasn't counted out in the multi-man contest. Overlooked formally, it made for many fans and analysts to debate the claim that he had just been robbed of a title opportunity.

Star-Studded Battle Royale

The Battle Royale would feature many wrestling luminaries such as Angel, Berto, Apollo Crews, Dragon Lee, Shawn Spears, Tony D'Angelo, and Tyler Bate. Two of the surprises were TNA's Frankie Kazarian and Joe Hendry.

The latter cut a very pleasing promo beforehand, only to be quickly eliminated by Kazarian, his rival from TNA days. The most striking thing about Thursday's action, however, was when the red mist descended upon Ethan Page and Oro Mensah as they got into a heated fight.

Battling away, Mensah hurled Page through the ropes—crucially not over them, which would have signified an elimination. Amid the in-ring bedlam, it went unnoticed, and Page never returned to ringside; his prospects technically ended there without an actual elimination.

Thus, in many ways, the outcome of the fight was surrounded by controversy, and one can never be though confident that Je'Von Evans was indeed a winner. The Mensah-Page brawl perpetrated what could turn into a very heated rivalry filled with g sensations, fights, and expectations of 'who will be next' to the NXT Championship.

It adds another level to the drama that's already electrifying in WWE NXT, making sure that the fans will be tuned into the high regard of how this controversial storyline is going to go. As the dust settles on this controversial match, the wrestling world ponders what may have been for Ethan Page and what may yet be as tensions continue to rise.

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