Damian Priest complained to WWE for a strange reason

Did Clash at the Castle strings have a problem?

by Simone Brugnoli
Damian Priest complained to WWE for a strange reason
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WWE Clash at the Castle was hailed as one of the most interesting and successful PPV events of the Triple H era, for what happened in the various matches held in Scotland and also for the many consequences they created. However, there was no lack of controversy, with a certain, meandering concern of fans about the safety of the ropes used during the show (especially after what happened to Damian Priest).

WWE’s response to this controversy has now been revealed. The topic of discussion after WWE Clash at the Castle focused on several problems with the ropes that were witnessed during the event. A noteworthy example involved Jade Cargill, who attempted a move in which she jumped through the ropes, mistaking her spot.

Damian Priest complained a lot

Another, much more serious and that has made the tour of the web, occurred during the main event when Damian Priest tried to perform a dip through the ropes remaining long stuck with the ankle.

The problem also raised concerns about a possible World Heavyweight Champion injury. Critics and detractors have come to the idea that these errors prove the existence of some problems with the strings themselves, suggesting that the incidents were directly related to the condition or configuration of the strings used during Clash at the Castle, but several WWE superstars (starting with Shayna Baszler) seem not to think so.

According to 'Fightful Select', who was interviewed about rope accidents that happened to several Superstars during Clash at the Castle, a source inside WWE attributed them to ropes used in Scotland and dismissed them as bad luck.

The source indicated that the Stamford company management is not particularly concerned that similar situations may recur in the future. Incidents happen all the time in professional wrestling and everything that happened at Clash at the Castle is unlikely to happen again in the same way, or at least WWE is convinced that this is the situation.

And if not, the problem has already been framed and overcome. In a series of new updates from multiple sources, we have now learned that apparently Damian Priest is fine and has not suffered any serious injuries, although of course we should wait tonight for the Raw episode for official confirmation.

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