New details on WWE's plans for Adam Pearce

Wyatt Sicks take over Adam Pearce’s social media

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on WWE's plans for Adam Pearce
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During the final episode of Monday Night Raw aired Monday night, we finally saw the debut of Wyatt Sicks, stable captained by Bo Dallas, in the guise of Uncle Howdy, after months of QR Code that invaded both Raw and Smackdown, at the most inconvenient time of the week.

At the end of the episode, in fact, the lights went out and the stable made its entrance into the arena, after the WWE framed all the rest of the backstage and gorilla position, with the massacre carried out by the 5 athletes, which was devastating.

Before appearing in front of the WWE cameras, in fact, the five athletes have made a real massacre of athletes and insiders backstage, not saving anyone. In the hours immediately following the attack on Raw, even the personal X page of Monday Night Raw general manager, Adam Pearce, seems to have been literally owned by Uncle Howdy and his stable, with some strange images that appeared on the profile and personal image of the account.

Latest news on Adam Pearce

In recent years, WWE has used many of its social channels to make several announcements, both on weekly shows, both with regard to the important information of PLEs. Also in the last hours, an announcement has arrived from the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, Adam Pearce, who wanted to add some meat to the fire for the next episode of Raw, aired tomorrow night on USA Network in the United States.

To conclude the Monday night episode, there was a great twist that had been partly announced, namely the arrival of Uncle Howdy on the company’s television screens, with the character created by Bray Wyatt who is back on stage, after months of QR Code inserted in all the weekly episodes of the Stamford company.

In the end, after weeks and weeks, the episode of Raw ended with the classic lights that went out and a door that began to shine, with WWE cameras that began to frame the gorilla position and backstage, with the inside of them that had become a real battlefield, with all the WWE crew on the ground and unconscious, including athletes.

After a few seconds, the WWE has framed hand-to-hand 5 shady figures, with Uncle Howdy who has grouped everyone and approached the entrance of the backstage with the famous lantern of Bray Wyatt. In the end, after shouting "We’re here", Uncle Howdy turned off the light with the usual breath of Wyatt and the WWE ended his episode in general emotion.

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