WWE Star Set for Dramatic Return at SummerSlam, May Target Gunther in Revenge Plot

Gunther's unmatched prowess redefines the wrestling world's expectations

by Noman Rasool
WWE Star Set for Dramatic Return at SummerSlam, May Target Gunther in Revenge Plot
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The King of the Ring event held in Saudi Arabia saw the competitor Gunther emerge victorious from the tournament and become the champion by overcoming Randy Orton. This victory not only established him as the one who could not be beaten in the ring but also granted him the chance to vie for the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE SummerSlam.

Known as “The Ring General,” Gunther joined the main roster and, despite being considered a prodigy, has only been pinned twice. This experience puts him in good standing to challenge for the championship, given his performance in the previous races.

But the path to the crown might not be as smooth for Gunther or for the other candidates as well. Possible risks are connected with internal conflict within his faction, Imperium, more precisely with Giovanni Vinci. Since joining the group in 2019, Vinci has had his loyalty put to the test after failing to make the necessary corner kicks that led to a string of losses, and during a WWE RAW match where he turned on the group against New Day.

The aftermath had the strangest consequence of Kaiser, Gunther’s second in command, physically assaulting Vinci and, consequently, vanishing from the ring indefinitely owing to his injuries. This betrayal could potentially pave the way for Vinci’s return at SummerSlam and attack Gunther during his championship event.

That is something that would work against Gunther and also enrich and complicate the betrayal narrative within Imperium’s lore.

Gunther's Legacy Builds

For Gunther, in the meantime, he never ceases to build up his empire.

Before that, his reign as Intercontinental Champion was instrumental in raising the profile of that title, holding it for more than 600 days and breaking several records. His influence was so important that even WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley was able to comment about his potential as a World Champion, saying, “Look at what Gunther did for the Intercontinental Championship.

And make no mistake, when it comes to the man making the championship or the championship making the man, Gunther made that Intercontinental Championship feel like a big deal”. In the World Heavyweight Championship’s current storyline, Damian Priest is the champion, but there are open questions about what Rollins might do next and which challenges SummerSlam may bring.

Everyone wants to know whether Gunther will ascend to WWE’s Mount Olympus and win the World Heavyweight Championship or if the ghosts of his former associations will cost him this amazing opportunity.

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