Jordynne Grace Adapts to WWE NXT Style

Jordynne Grace opens up about her WWE NXT experience

by Noman Rasool
Jordynne Grace Adapts to WWE NXT Style
© TNA Wrestling/YouTube

TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace joined Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful for an interview, where she spoke on the real challenges of transitioning into WWE NXT. Grace is a seasoned performer who had some pointed thoughts on what, in particular, made life tough in NXT, namely, technical and performance changes she said she was forced to endure.

She has pointed out specific restrictions within NXT, which have changed how she was used to doing things. "You can't use piledrivers here; it's reserved for only certain performers," she revealed on the controlled bits of in-ring action in NXT.

This is part of WWE's more extensive method of holding up safety and a particular form of storytelling dynamics in the ring.

Adapting to NXT's Scale

In particular, Grace has been finding the transition to WWE NXT's style tough.

It means production scale, with an extensive array of cameras running to film every moment from many angles. "At times, it's overwhelming," Grace admitted. "There are so many cameras around the ring, and while you're performing, you must remember which one to play to at any given moment." It gets down to minute details, positioning within the ring itself—the performer having to remember which corners they go to and how to engage with cameras, in particular, the gib cam.

It's a mobile camera that adds variety to the shots during broadcasts. "I often find it hard to remember which camera to look at for things," Grace shared after a match, revealing some of the behind-the-scenes pressure many viewers never see.

"Remembering all those details while concentrating on the match and your opponent is a lot to juggle." So, the more Grace continues to adapt to these new demands, the more her NXT journey speaks for itself regarding the rearview intricacies of a polished product that comes out onto the screen for fans.

Her experience underlines the blend of athleticism and performance art that defines professional wrestling at the highest levels.