Goldberg Implores Bret Hart: "Just Leave Me Alone, Dude"

Goldberg addresses long-standing tensions

by Noman Rasool
Goldberg Implores Bret Hart: "Just Leave Me Alone, Dude"
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In an honest interview with Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg, they opened up in a rather sensitive tone about his extremely choppy past with fellow Hall of Famer Bret Hart. Of course, the wrestling legends have enjoyed a great deal of renowned legendary status inside the squared circle.

Still, their public disagreements have been many none quite so telling as Goldberg's most recent comments to Busted Open Radio, which exposed a 'pleading' for peace and just a bit of personal space. While addressing the infamous in-ring incident that many believe prematurely ended Hart's illustrious wrestling career, Goldberg expressed remorse over the accident.

"The Bret Hart thing, it just saddens me as a human being. That's all. First of all, I wouldn't have any ill will towards any opponent or anybody like that, for sure," Goldberg said. He said it was an accident, and it hit him pretty hard because of Hart's stature within professional wrestling.

"To have an accident like that happen and end someone's career, especially someone who's one of the best that ever was, 100%, it sucks."

Goldberg's Frustrated

Goldberg's frustration did seem palpable as he spoke about the continuing tension between them, relating to the kick that altered his career.

"I'm not asking anybody to understand; I'm just saying, just leave me alone, dude," he said, gesturing he wanted to move away from all those past misunderstandings that have blemished their relationship. Things got a little personal when Goldberg spoke of how Hart could have softened the blow of his kick.

"Yes, sir, 100%. Put your hand up. Do whatever you have to do. It is what it is. Come on, man," he said, insinuating Hart could have covered up during their match. The words were jarring, but he doesn't hold anything against Hart.

"I love you, Bret. Don't be such a prick. That's all. Grow up," Goldberg said, mixing a message of love with frustration. This statement epitomizes complex emotions that often arise from professional sports rivalries, especially involving accidents and injuries.

Goldberg pleads his case to Hart, saying that he does need some space and understanding; he would like to be done with this chapter in their lives. Both men could use some reconciliation and mutual respect from one another.

Here, living post-retirement, continuing their life apart in business, both seem to keep the wrestling community on its toes as they all await a resolution with respect for the contributions made by these two gentlemen.

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