Mika Rotunda writes a beautiful message on social media

Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas’s sister opens up on the importance of this tribute to her brother

by Simone Brugnoli
Mika Rotunda writes a beautiful message on social media
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On the June 17 episode of Raw, after the main event, the long-awaited debut of Uncle Howdy and his faction finally took place. The previously promised massacre took place as we could see, and every expectation revolving around these characters was largely respected and fulfilled.

Of course, it’s early to get an idea of how this stable will affect Monday Night Raw, what its interactions will be and what it may aspire to in the future, but the emotional impact of reviewing those details that Bray Wyatt has made so familiar to our eyes has been really strong.

It was also Mika Rotunda on her Instagram profile, who is the sister of both Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas, involved in all this, with the woman who let herself go in an important statement that can shed light on this tribute that many fans have also somewhat rejected.

Mika Rotunda pays tribute to the Wyatt Sicks

"Windham talked a lot about hurting his character. He would describe pain and real-life scenarios as a way to strengthen, inspire or shape his future. He turned pain into something positive, through creativity and expression.

Last night, Taylor debuted for the first time as Uncle Howdy, without Windham. This was their dream, their vision. Their fairy tale to realize. He carried this on his shoulders. But even more important in his heart. As brothers, we have always had a strong attachment to each other.

When the lights went out in the arena and I was watching the scene on TV, my heartbeat accelerated. My eyes started crying. I felt everything together with him. I felt a warmth inside, which can only be described as being Windham.

I’m so incredibly proud of Taylor.

Honoring the memory of a Windham or loved one while navigating the path of grief is a deep and personal journey. Our family remained in the spotlight with the eyes of the outside world pointed at us from 15:33 on August 24.

A moment that will never pass for us as a family. But, somehow- we have to find a way through it” – Mika Rotunda stated.

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