Liv Morgan is obsessed with Dominik Mysterio

Liv Morgan is implementing a strange plan with Dominik Mysterio

by Simone Brugnoli
Liv Morgan is obsessed with Dominik Mysterio
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In recent weeks, WWE has staged a new storyline between the new Monday Night Raw World Champion, Liv Morgan and Judgment Day member, Dominik Mysterio. After seeing the departure of Rhea Ripley, Dominik’s life partner in the WWE storyline, Liv Morgan attempted to appropriate everything owned by the bitter rival, including her boyfriend.

In recent weeks, in fact, Liv Morgan began a ruthless court to the son of the WWE Hall of Famer, with the rest of Judgment Day that is trying in every way to protect Dominik, which is quite prone to the attentions of Morgan, with the absence of Rhea Ripley.

Now it seems that the champion of Raw is continuing to carry out its storyline on social media, with his latest tweet on X that leaves little to the imagination: "Thinking of you, Dominik".

Liv Morgan obsessed with Dominik Mysterio

After an initial promo where she bragged about her recent exploits against Becky Lynch in fact, the new WWE Women’s World Champion found herself face to face with Dominik Mysterio in the ring flirting with him again, approaching dangerously and stroking his hair, saving him then from an attack, a few minutes later, by Braun Strowman.

All this, however, was definitely not enough for Liv Morgan who a few weeks ago had already entered stalker mode and had filled with like Dominik Mysterio on Instagram, liking one by one to his posts, with the wrestler who reacted annoyed.

Despite his regular appearances on Monday Night Raw, the Mexican-born wrestler is currently injured, as he explained in a recent interview on our pages: "The arm is fine. It’s healing well. I had a slight tear to Tommy John’s ligament, which was kind of an accident in wrestling because it’s a baseball injury.

It takes six to eight weeks to heal. I do physical therapy twice a week to heal. I’m just trying to get healthy and get back out there to help Judgment Day."

Liv Morgan Dominik Mysterio