Adam Pearce is having a hard time in WWE

Adam Pearce attacked by the Wyatt Sicks and fans worry a lot

by Simone Brugnoli
Adam Pearce is having a hard time in WWE
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During the final episode of Monday Night Raw aired last Monday, the WWE staged the debut of the long-awaited stable of Wyatt Sicks, with Bo Dallas and his entire group of wrestlers who literally massacred the WWE crew inside the gorilla position and backstage of the episode.

Soon after watching the debut of the five athletes, however, there was also a social attack regarding Raw’s General Manager: Adam Pearce. In the hours immediately following the airing of Raw, in fact, the GM was hacked into the Twitter profile, with several images and phrases that magically appeared on his profile, with his name being changed to "postman".

Not happy, the Wyatt Sicks wrote a new message on Pearce’s social profile in the last few hours, before everything was deleted and the profile went back to normal.

Adam Pearce attacked by the Wyatt Sicks

For those who have read the message, before seeing the whole dematerialize in nothing, as the site Ringside News, which reports the news, on the profile of Adam Pearce there was written: "Pearce always delivers remember Postman".

Once again, the term postman returns to the scene, with a reference to an old episode of the Firefly Fun House that seems clear. To conclude the Monday night episode, there was a great twist that had been partly announced, namely the arrival of Uncle Howdy on the company’s television screens, with the character created by Bray Wyatt who is back on stage, after months of QR Code inserted in all the weekly episodes of the Stamford company.

In the end, after weeks and weeks, the episode of Raw ended with the classic lights that went out and a door that began to shine, with WWE cameras that began to frame the gorilla position and backstage, with the inside of them that had become a real battlefield, with all the WWE crew on the ground and unconscious, including athletes.

After a few seconds, the WWE has framed hand-to-hand 5 shady figures, with Uncle Howdy who has grouped everyone and approached the entrance of the backstage with the famous lantern of Bray Wyatt. In the end, after shouting "We’re here", Uncle Howdy turned off the light with the usual breath of Wyatt and the WWE ended his episode in general emotion.

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