Top WWE Superstar Might be Injured

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Top WWE Superstar Might be Injured

Kofi Kingston is the current WWE Champion. He was not present to wrestle at WWE’s Live event that took place in Glens Falls, New York. He announced that he was injured and he simply couldn’t appear to avoid aggravating the injury.

Big E and Xavier Woods performed and they were able to beat the B Team in the opening match of the live event. Of course, we do not know whether Kofi is actually injured or not as it might all be a part of the storyline. He wrestle Dolph Ziggler at two WWE Live events that took place on Saturday and Sunday.

They were held in Utica and Binghamton respectively. On Monday, we saw Ziggler wrestle current WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor. It was for the Intercontinental title and Balor defended his title successfully. Kofi was present to dance around The New Day on Monday and he tossed a few pancakes into the crowd.

He was also present to sign autographs for the fans outside of the arena. Kofi will most likely be appearing at this week’s Smackdown that will take place in Manchester, NH and will continue his feud with Samoa Joe. Joe and Kofi will most likely face each other at the WWE Extreme Rules PPV.

The match will be for the WWE Title. Most journalists believe that Joe will win the title. We will provide an update on Kofi’s health as soon as we get it.