Roman Reigns makes a very surprising gesture

The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns Leva follows to his cousin

by Simone Brugnoli
Roman Reigns makes a very surprising gesture
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In recent weeks we have seen a decidedly new version of the Bloodline go on stage in the ring of Friday Night Smackdown, with Solo Sikoa taking power, adding Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa to the stable of Samoan origin, in the absence of Roman Reigns.

After witnessing Reigns' scorching defeat in Wrestlemania 40 against current WWE champion Cody Rhodes, the Tribal Chief decided to leave the scene for a long break from the WWE ring, with his face that he never saw again on any occasion with the company.

Currently Solo Sikoa is doing the good and the bad weather inside the Bloodline, with Paul Heyman who seems very upset about the thing and apparently also probably the same Reigns. As reported in the last hours by the Ringside News website, in fact, Roman Reigns has removed the follow from the social pages of his younger cousin, with the profile of Solo Sikoa that is no longer followed by the Tribal Chief.

That this is the beginning of a new internal feud between Reigns and Solo Sikoa and the other two cousins?

The shoes dedicated to Roman Reigns canceled

Upon the return of Roman Reigns, will Jimmy Uso return to the scene, after the assault of his younger brother and cousin who have effectively excluded him from the family stable? We just have to wait and see when the WWE plans to bring back Roman Reigns, after his last match at Wrestlemania 40.

The last big event that featured Reigns was the presentation of a new model of shoes, the Nike Air Jordan, entirely dedicated to the Tribal Chief and his Bloodline, with the famous world sports brand that had already prepared everything, at a cost of about 200 dollars, to sell this new shoe model.

Apparently, the production of such a sports article would be cancelled, as reported on the official page X of KicksFinder, with fans of the Tribal Chief who were willing to have his shoes that will unfortunately remain dry mouth.

But in the days before, the rumor began to circulate that perhaps Roman Reigns is already ready to return to WWE, with Dave Meltzer who wanted to give his version of the situation in the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, transcribed by Ringside News, in which he said: "[Paul] Heyman and Roman [Reigns] were transformed into babyfaces by the audience. They made it clear he’ll be back soon. So I guess it’s probably July."

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