Goldberg Reflects on WCW Era and Collaborating with Vince Russo

Goldberg discusses WCW's fall and Vince Russo

by Noman Rasool
Goldberg Reflects on WCW Era and Collaborating with Vince Russo
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On a recent edition of the "Busted Open" radio show, WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg returned to the program and discussed his thoughts on the demise of World Championship Wrestling, as well as going in-depth on what he has dealt with concerning controversial writer Vince Russo.

Goldberg, the legendary former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, shared his thoughts in a segment that was part of the "Who Killed WCW?" series. He revisited his previous claims about Vince Russo's influence on the company's demise, saying he had meantly placed the entire blame on Vince Russo.

Still, he has since reconsidered this, realizing he perceives his role as only one of the many factors. "When I look back and say 'Russo killed it,' I realize he didn't single-handedly do it. He was just part of a larger puzzle," Goldberg explained.

Causes of WCW's Fall

Goldberg says that WCW's fall was not because of one person but because of a million different things. "It was a million different things," he said, citing one major thing as the lack of media mogul Ted Turner, who was out of the country when important decisions were made.

He also added that another huge factor was the AOL/Time Warner merger, which threw the company's equilibrium off balance. Goldberg was candid, admitting that he had been pretty green to the wrestling business at that time, thus affecting his relationship with Vince Russo.

He looked back on Russo's controversial decision to turn his heel, a move Goldberg believes could have been monumental but misguided at the time. "At the time, I didn't understand the business well enough to recognize how being turned heel could have helped me a little bit," he admitted.

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