Jacob Fatu WWE Debut: Slams Cody Rhodes Through Table on SmackDown

Fatu debuts, dominates Rhodes on SmackDown

by Noman Rasool
Jacob Fatu WWE Debut: Slams Cody Rhodes Through Table on SmackDown
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Finally, Jacob Fatu made his WWE debut on "WWE SmackDown" this past Friday, where the newest member of The Bloodline alliance had fans and viewers in a heap of applause as it showed him what he is made of. After the scorching main event, Fatu nailed a high-impact splash on Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes, sending him through the announcer's desk with skull-shaking force.

The wild scene erupted following a hard-fought Impromptu match between Rhodes and Solo Sikoa, Fatu's cousin and the newly crowned "Head of the Table" in The Bloodline. It was supposed to be a no-nonsense one-on-one match, with no other member of The Bloodline present at ringside.

However, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa emerged from the woodwork just in time to cause enough disruption and get the match disqualified.

Sikoa's Smirking Setup

Just as Rhodes began to process what was happening, Randy Orton and Kevin Owens came out to bail him out, getting up in Sikoa's face.

Backing Sikoa against the corner, all three men were turned around to see him raise his hands, all to the smirk on his face, further hinting at the carnage. That's when Fatu came out of the woodwork. Slipping in behind them, he took out Orton and Owens before returning to Rhodes.

With ruthless and precise efficiency, Fatu delivered Rhodes onto the announce desk before he launched from the top rope with an appropriate and devastating splash. Right after the attack, Fatu was back in the ring with Sikoa, Tonga, and Loa in a raising-their-fists pose to let the world know they were united and strong as SmackDown closed.

This gets to fire up the 'Maniac fanbase in orgasm regarding that dominant debut. Ultimately, it will be an essential chapter in his career when considering Fatu's entering into WWE. The former Major League Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion had been a free agent for most of 2024 as contract negotiations were called off over WrestleMania 40 weekend in April.

Now, aligning himself with The Bloodline sets a promising yet turbulent future ahead for him here in WWE, not to mention his SmackDown power dynamics already changed by his debut.

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