Drew McIntyre Returns to WWE SmackDown, Hospitalizes CM Punk Days After Quitting

Drew McIntyre's dramatic WWE return shocks!

by Noman Rasool
Drew McIntyre Returns to WWE SmackDown, Hospitalizes CM Punk Days After Quitting
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In a shocking turn of events on the June 17 episode of "WWE SmackDown," Drew McIntyre was Canada-bound just four days earlier when he announced his 'leave-of-absence' from WWE. A shocking display demarcated his return as he hoisted a hurt CM Punk onto his shoulders in front of a bewildered audience.

When McIntyre first announced he was leaving WWE, the wrestling community was stunned, especially since he had re-signed with WWE a few months prior. Since then, Wrestling Observer has reported that McIntyre's release was a part of his storyline with Punk, insofar as this wasn't done to give him time off but to ratchet up the feud between the two.

It was a plot twist after McIntyre's social media profiles vanished for a little while before being turned back on, which came a very short time since the dramatic exit.

Drew McIntyre's Silent Fury

The scene was electric at "SmackDown" as McIntyre, with no words, let his rage do the talking by manhandling Punk in his hometown of Chicago.

The crowd in attendance was speechless while McIntyre expressed his feelings through actions, holding a fireman's carry-on Punk, eventually making his way to the stage. His actions culminated when he finally tossed the screaming Punk to the mat, almost visibly reeling in pain and clutching his tricep.

At that moment, WWE officials placing themselves between him and Punk—rushed in to intervene and drag McIntyre away as the medical staff tended to Punk, putting him onto a stretcher to be wheeled to the hospital. Commentator Corey Graves said that updates on Punk's condition would be provided on WWE's social media.

It's the latest in a long, wild history between McIntyre and Punk that has descended into chaos. Things entirely spilled over during this year's "Clash at the Castle." McIntyre was inches away from securing his first World Heavyweight Championship by snatching a near fall on champion Damian Priest.

However, Punk, in his referee shirt, controversially stopped the count at two, scuppering McIntyre's hopes of capturing the title. It is tight-lipped on how bad the injuries are on Punk, with the wrestling community rife with speculation as to whether contact like this will see a rematch soon between the two wrestlers, giving each man an opportunity to get even with this personal vendetta.

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