The Rock Shares Workout Update Right After Jacob Fatu's Bloodline Debut

Rock trains for WWE return, Fatu debuts.

by Noman Rasool
The Rock Shares Workout Update Right After Jacob Fatu's Bloodline Debut
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Shooting of the much-awaited biopic “The Smashing Machine” starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the famous MMA star Mark Kerr is back on. This came after Johnson posted a video on Instagram signaling his readiness to take up MMA training once again.

Unfortunately, the shooting of the film was temporarily ceased because Johnson was injured while the filming was ongoing. After the mediocre performance of ‘Black Adam’ and the landmark Disney agreement, Johnson’s insistence on portraying Kerr has created quite a stir for fans, especially boosted by his leading lady, the beloved Emily Blunt.

Notably, Johnson’s training update came during the week that saw another major development in wrestling – the WWE debut of Jacob Fatu. Fatu, who is a veteran of major league wrestling (MLW) and a proud Anoa’i, joined WWE in style by coming to the aid of his brothers, solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa.

He managed to assert his dominance within the faction by challenging WWE mainstays Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, and Cody Rhodes. This event cemented his place as the newest member of the Bloodline faction, raising questions about when Johnson posted on social media.

Bloodline Dynamics Shift

The synchronization of these two events has paved the way for much debate among the fans as well as the commentators.

Many believe that Johnson’s post may be secretly associated with the changing Bloodline’s situation. Meanwhile, Solo Sikoa refuses to take the role of Roman Reigns’ rival, claiming that he has no desire to take the Tribal Chief title from him, but rumors still arise that Johnson himself could become the true successor.

His return to the ring was expected to follow from his threat to challenge Cody Rhodes, who is referred to as the American Nightmare. Furthermore, the probability of confrontation with Reigns appears to be more imminent and adds dimensions to the existing storyline.

More dramatic to the plot is the speculation that Jacob Fatu could be within the hierarchy of the gang, acting, perhaps, as a mole. This speculation stems from the narrative styles WWE had been deeply rooted in and, as such, postulating that Johnson’s willingness to step into MMA could be part of the preparation for possible conflict in WWE, especially with the new powerhouse Fatu in the mix.

Far from simply announcing his return and fitness, Johnson’s latest update fits seamlessly with WWE’s established history of complex, long-form storytelling by placing him at the heart of the most dominant faction in WWE.

In the course of the storyline, Johnson’s return, possibly at this year’s SummerSlam, could be whereby he will employ the newly gained MMA ability against Fatu, altering the power structure of the Bloodline and adding to WWE’s already diverse storied library.

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