Ex-WWE Manager Speaks Out on Drew McIntyre’s Surprise SmackDown Return

Drew McIntyre's Surprise Attack on CM Punk

by Noman Rasool
Ex-WWE Manager Speaks Out on Drew McIntyre’s Surprise SmackDown Return
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On SmackDown, former WWE manager Dutch has given his opinion regarding Drew McIntyre’s entrance on the show coming from Raw which he had quit earlier. The Scottish Warrior announced mutiny by leaving RAW last week and justifying his decision much to the concern of fans and officials who saw Adam Pearce and Triple H begging the Scot to have a change of heart.

However, in an unpredictable twist this week, McIntyre made a return and seemed to cut a violent promo on CM Punk in his hometown of Chicago.

Clash at the Castle Fallout

The fight escalated from a long-standing rivalry that erupted during a bout titled Clash at the Castle, where Punk was part of the event in which McIntyre lost his World Heavyweight Championship.

It is for the like of this that the intelligence of the WWE Creative has to summon circumstances capable of stirring the athletes involved and the audience: the unscripted brawl on the SmackDown ramp was a dramatic, tension-filled turning point that came out of nowhere yet offered a wildly different experience from the usual program fare.

In an episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk, Mantell praised WWE’s thinking that involves them bringing McIntyre back so soon. He said: “It was great booking. Nobody expected it and that was why it was so fascinating,” he said.

Mantell also echoed his approval of that part of the storyline, saying that the story allowed fans to wonder what could happen next. Mantell recounted the moment with vivid detail Good. Yep, watch the story. He quit, and of course, the mention of CM Punk doing so.

I think they were expecting him, but not at the time. So when that door opened, there was Drew McIntyre, a guy lying there, and for a moment, I didn’t think that he would be CM Punk. I thought it might be something else.

It was him. Wow. They got my mind going and racing.

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