Nikki Bella on Retirement Speech

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Nikki Bella on Retirement Speech

On a recent episode of The Bellas Podcast which is run by Nikki and Brie Bella, Nikki spoke about why she hasn’t been called by the WWE to announce that she is retired. The WWE usually lets its superstars make a retirement speech so that the fans can bid them farewell.

Nikki Bella has a herniated disc in her neck which is the reason why she had to retire. She also has a cyst on her brain. Doctors told her to immediately retire, otherwise she could have been paralyzed for life. "I feel like they haven't had me come in and do a retirement speech because - guys, it's crazy.

Brie and I have become hated by the 'Smart Marks'," Nikki explained. "I always looked at it like, well, we did a really good job as heels for so long. But it was like the more successful we would get with the reality shows, and the men that we were dating and married to, and all that, we became more and more hated”.

She got emotional as she was saying all of this as she told her fans about how many sacrifices she had to make to get to where she was in the WWE. She worked for the WWE for about 10 years, and won the WWE Divas Championship twice. She held the WWE Divas title for a record number of days during one of those reigns.