Dolph Ziggler discusses his return to WWE

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Dolph Ziggler discusses his return to WWE

Upon his return to the main roster in September 2008, Nemeth was repackaged as Dolph Ziggler. Since then, he has held the World Heavyweight Championship twice, the Intercontinental Championship six times, the United States Championship twice, and the Raw Tag Team Championship once.

He was also the sole survivor of two Survivor Series elimination matches, as well as the 2012 Money in the Bank winner, and has headlined multiple pay-per-view events for WWE. Speaking on Sunday Night’s Main Event, Ziggler discussed his return to WWE: “It was something that came up from, I was kinda given that backstage, I would say.

You need different wrinkles … but I also couldn’t just be gone for three months, and come back and say, ‘Hey, I’m a plumber now!’. Or, ‘I’m a vampire!’. You can’t do that.

There’s been too much time invested character-wise. So that’s why I still had to come back as me. But also, it’s a connotation of, I am genuinely jealous in real life of Kofi Kingston going to WrestleMania and winning the WWE Title.

So to that extent, I got to say, ‘Hey, man. I am jealous of this guy. I want to take him down.’ So that part, the germ of that idea was from me”.