RVD on ECW Being Different

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RVD on ECW Being Different

Impact Wrestling released a documentary that was a showcase of ECW Legend’s Rob Van Dam’s career. He is currently working for Impact Wrestling. It is called Retrospective on RVD, and he spoke about his time in the ECW.

Van Dam stated that he immediately knew that ECW was different from other indie wrestling promotions. "When I first walked into ECW, I knew it was different already," Van Dam said. "In fact, I was a little intimidated by the difference because it was such a vast opposite side of the spectrum.

I could feel the energy just watching ECW on television. It wasn't like little kids screaming, 'USA! USA!' It was adults chanting, 'Get the f*ck out!' They all had black tee-shirt. It was like a rock concert.

It felt more like a rock concert atmosphere than the Augusta fairgrounds in Georgia." Van Dam has an emotional attachment with all the ECW performers of his time. He stated that he still remembers the ECW art. "Looking back we were all characters, but everyone was on their own and ready to do their own part," Van Dam said.

"But what I learned was we all really were like a family. Especially when it came to being proud of what we were doing in comparison to what other [promotions] were doing. We were setting completely different standards to a point where sometimes watching the standard setters on TV was offensive to us.