RVD on The Injury that Ended His Reign

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RVD on The Injury that Ended His Reign

Rob Van Dam is a professional wrestling legend, and he is still quite active. He currently works for Impact Wrestling, and he got famous during his time at ECW. ECW featured brutal wrestling matches that most wrestling promotions in the US did not want to hold.

RVD was a popular superstar in the WWE, and he managed to win a few titles during his time with the company. He could never reach the top of the company though, but he built a large fan base regardless. Rob Van Dam won the ECW TV Title, and his reign came to an end when he injured his ankle.

He spoke about that injury in the documentary. RVD stated that he now knows that wrestling plans can come to an end abruptly. Van Dam now concentrates on his in-ring work. "My title reign ended with an injury," Van Dam said.

"I couldn't have known that injury was going to happen and I couldn't have known that anything else that hadn't happened was going to happen. The business is such that plans are made all the time. Sometimes opposite plans are made with other people and it's inconsistent with you're told”.

“Everyone has to deal with promises being broke. No one is exempt from that because you have people trying to do their part in developing the show and then you have these agents that have different wrestlers that they're looking out for. Trying to get their wrestlers more TV time”