Ken Shamrock on Criticism That He Receives

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Ken Shamrock on Criticism That He Receives

Ken Shamrock is a MMA Legend. He is a UFC Hall of Famer and won the WWE Intercontinental Title once. He also won the Tag Team Title during the Attitude era. Since quitting the WWE, he has spoken against the WWE a few times. Shamrock was on the Ryback podcast where he spoke about the criticism he gets for speaking against the WWE.

"I've always done that and even in a sense of it being detrimental to me and my career. But the way I grew up as a kid and the struggles I went through, I think the one thing that was instilled in me by my dad is if you can't speak the truth and somebody is going to be offended because you are speaking that, then there's something wrong with them and not you," said Shamrock .

"But it's just my opinion, and someone comes back with, 'How dare you speak bad of WWE?' It's like, woah, hold up. That's not what I did. I gave my opinion on what I thought should happen, or needs to happen”.

Ken Shamrock no longer fights in the UFC, but he was present during the time when UFC had no gloves. It was a pure no holds barred competition in which anything could take place. The WWE hired him to capitalize on his fame. Ken Shamrock was not super famous in the WWE.