Why Missy Hyatt Rejected a Wrestling Career

Missy Hyatt's decision against becoming a wrestler

by Noman Rasool
Why Missy Hyatt Rejected a Wrestling Career

Of course the valet was a critical part of wrestling in the 80s, often serving as an accompaniment to some womens names like Sherri Martel and Miss Elizabeth. Among this, she was also one of the pioneers in Missy Hyatt. She spent many years as the valet to Ric Flair, Sting and Scott Steiner during her career which pretty much made sure that she would be a known name in wrestling history.

On the Wrestling Shoot Interviews podcast recently, Hyatt fairly candidly explained why she never made the switch to becoming a full time wrestler when asked. She told a story about how in 1990 at the Cauliflower Alley Club, she was approached by WWE Hall of Famer The Fabulous Moolah and asked if she would like to be trained.

Apparently she told me that I needed to come up and let her train me in how employment works. I answered, "No Son I am to old for that. Then I realized what I said. This was before she went and did the Mae Young s-e, y'know. uh.

Reluctant Fighter

Hyatt admitted she's a "girly girl" at heart and didn't want to take any chances of breaking her nails. However she got into mid-cage brawls with other managers such as Dark Journey since these were not bound by controllers.

They just told us to go out there and fight, so we did. Dark Journey kicked my butt every night for two years," she said. These skirmishes exacted a great physical toll. According to Hyatt, this hurt from these instances was so deep that she cried in her car every night after.

The lasting implications have been devastating, necessitating numerous operations. "Now I'm paying for it. I had to have two new shoulders, they want a plate and screws into my neck & I got bad sciatica etc. Wrestling is fake, they say? It wasn't for me." The story of Hyatt is important because physical labor and injuries suffered by parking valets are not talked about.

Even if she never wrestled a day in her life, it would be impossible to minimize what wrestling as an industry took and demanded from its female talent.