Brock Lesnar is enjoying life outside WWE

The former WWE world champion returns to show up in a photo

by Simone Brugnoli
Brock Lesnar is enjoying life outside WWE
© WWE/Youtube

One of the biggest attractions that WWE has staged in recent years is definitely the name of Brock Lesnar: former world champion of the same WWE but also the UFC, where he had a stellar career. Lesnar has now been out of the company’s ring for about a year, since the last WWE SummerSlam, staged by the Stamford Federation, where The Beast went to fight Cody Rhodes.

After the scandal that befell Vince McMahon, linked to some abuse of an old employee of the company, the name of several other important faces of the company were also brought up in the story, such as Lesnar or former executive John Laurinaitis.

Despite the absence from the WWE ring, some rare photos always emerges of Brock outside the company, with the last sighting of the former WWE Champion who arrived just in the last hours, when Brock stopped to take a picture with a small fan, showing a slightly shorter beard than the last appearances in WWE and a hat that does not show what kind of haircut he has now.

Latest news on Brock Lesnar

After reading everything that the now former Chairman of the federation had done with an old employee, the WWE had wanted to take the distance with all the accomplices of Vince, Brock Lesnar including, going to cancel the creative plans that were ready for his return in the Royal Rumble.

After hearing Michael Cole mention Lesnar’s name in that of King & Queen of the Ring, however, some journalists from the Ringside News site have asked their internal sources to explain WWE, since before the PPV there was a kind of "ban" on the name of Lesnar, so much so that he did not even enter it in WWE 2K24.

On this matter, the well-known Steve Carrier said: "Heyman mentioned Lesnar’s name several times during his Hall of Fame speech and I think the ban on his name has now been removed from the company".

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