Seth Rollins unleashes all his anger

Seth Rollins didn’t have much luck at Money in the Bank

by Simone Brugnoli
Seth Rollins unleashes all his anger
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Trish Stratus goes out again asking fans if they are having fun, before saying that special things are happening tonight, and that so many have happened in that same area for her, including when she found herself teaming up with JOHN CENA!

Who obviously gets out and gets in the ring. The Boston rapper takes over the microphone saying that tonight he announces his retirement from WWE and obviously fans are not happy. The wrestler then praises Canada and its warmth towards the federation, saying it is the perfect place to say what he means now: wrestlemania in 2025 will be the last in which it will compete.

In the end, he thanks all the fans for the support and invites anyone to come forward now or never to challenge him, because then there will be no more opportunity.

Backstage, Finn Bálor tells Damian Priest that it’s time to take care of Seth Rollins, with the champion asking his teammates not to intervene, whatever happens.

But Irish doesn’t seem to agree.

Damian Priest vs. Seth Rollins

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Damian Priest (c) vs Seth Rollins - The two immediately start to attack with the aim of quickly ending the match with some finishers, but this does not go well and then they go to fight normally, with Seth Rollins watching the entrance of the stage inviting Drew McIntyre to show up with the briefcase, but of course no one comes and the former champion gives us three dives out of the ring, a Swenton and a Moonsault from the ropes.

Damian Priest recovers, but often looks at the entrance to see if the Scotsman will show up or not and gets distracted by returning the opponent to the lead. After a few pushes and shakes, the champion comes out of a Stomp and Seth invites him to get up to prove to be a real man, he crawls and gets up doing a Razor’s Edge with clearing, but nothing to do.

Stop, at some point Seth is close to winning, but Damian comes out on two, everyone is incredulous AND HERE COMES DREW MCINTYRE! The Scotsman goes up with the briefcase, gives it to the referee and inserts into the match by doing a Future Shock DDT to Rollins, and then tries a Claymore, but Priest blocks him and tries his finisher, but he can’t, and here comes punk cm who starts beating drew mcintyre with a chair before choking him out of the ring with a wire.

Oh but still, CM Punk looks at the belt a few seconds, takes it AND HITS US THE SCOTSMAN before sitting on the comment table to see Damian Priest pin him and win the match while maintaining the title. At the end of the match, Seth Rollins approaches the athlete from Chicago, but is stopped by Corey Graves who invites him to calm down, but he yells at him about everything, Because in the end he ruined the match too and it cost him more chances to win the title until the JD member is champion.

Seth Rollins