Triple H Comments on Vince McMahon's Legal Issues

Scrutiny intensifies around WWE's corporate conduct.

by Noman Rasool
Triple H Comments on Vince McMahon's Legal Issues
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WWE CCO, Paul Levesque(Triple H) who yesterday answered reporters' questions about the ongoing federal investigation of misconduct allegations against Vince McMahon in a more guarded back-and-forth after WWE Money in the BankProcessEvent.

In January, McMahon a massive figure in the wrestling world resigned from his positions at WWE and TKO after a civil suit accusing him of s----l harassment and trafficking was made public. The investigation has received significant follow, particularly given WWE acknowledged cooperating in it last summer.

The legal proceedings were temporarily suspended with the probe still ongoing and a pause in May. Levesque quickly addressed it when meeting with the media, saying "Yeah, I can't talk about legal stuff at this point in time." That was a similar response to one he had in the immediate aftermath of McMahon stepping down at a Royal Rumble post-event press conference when Reigns opted to take on better aspects of what happened during the event.

Triple H Familial Ties

The attention to Levesque's muted response is traceable in part to his family being closely linked with the McMahon dynasty (as he's married into it) and because of that, even more compelling, fact about him.

In 2006 when eternally loyal Stephanie sold her soul for a corporate brothel job inside Titan Tower headquarters as an Executive Vice President-worked. Janel Grant, a former WWE corporate office employee who had detailed the ordeal she experienced as part of ongoing narratives in some circles within the highest levels of the company.

"Even more confusingly, when asked if Levesque knew about these alleged incidents, Ann Callis in Grant's camp hedged her bets. I cannot say," she said, suggesting that current testimony might reveal how much the executives knew.

Levesque's response during the press conference on Monday continued what has largely been a quiet form of communication from WWE leadership following many disturbing allegations against one its most powerful men. As the investigation continues, those in wrestling and otherwise will be watching to see what conclusions are reached for some of these industry's biggest figures.

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