Stone Cold Steve Austin makes an amazing revelation

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin became famous in the Attitude Era

by Simone Brugnoli
Stone Cold Steve Austin makes an amazing revelation
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One of the most famous characters in the history of the WWE of McMahon, is undoubtedly "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, became famous in the Attitude Era of the then WWF, when he had with Vince McMahon one of the bloodiest feuds in the history of the business, which also helped WWE bring down the WCW of the Turner family, which became a world power just like the Stamford federation.

Steve Austin, in addition to being a full-time wrestler, for a time also took part in several films, starting right in the 90s to tread the film sets and also meeting very famous actors such as Yasmine Bleeth, famous actress of the TV series Baywatch, very popular in the 90s.

Just with her, in the late '90s, Steve Austin shot the film Nash Bridges, with rumors that had come out at the time, that led to thinking how between Austin and the actress was born of tender, So much so that Austin spoke already in 1999 in one of his hosted microphones of the Howard Stern Show.

Stone Cold Steve Austin made history

In the end, to refute everything, Stone Cold Steve Austin himself thought about it, with his answer that also came on the pages of Ringside News, with the speech between Austin and his interlocutor that was: "The rumor was, as Robin just said, that Stone Cold had made the first move with Yasmine Bleeth during the filming of Nash Bridges.

That you tried to take it. You’re a very handsome man and now you’re single. I can’t imagine the fact that I don’t want to take Yasmine Bleeth if I didn’t really want her. No, it was a strictly professional relationship, Howard." - replied Steve Austin.

"I wasn’t there to flirt on the dance floor, but I was trying to take dance lessons. It was part of the thing - Jake Cage, the character I was playing, had to be romantic with her. He had to bring up words with more syllables to improve his vocabulary.

And I was trying to dance to impress her. I’m the worst dancer in the goddamn world. So, anyway, no, that’s not happening. It was just a professional thing".

Stone Cold Steve Austin