Kurt Angle pays tribute to Shane McMahon

WWE Hall of Famer focused on Vince’s son’s hardcore skills

by Simone Brugnoli
Kurt Angle pays tribute to Shane McMahon
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Since his first WWE match in December 1998, Shane McMahon has not played many wrestling matches. However, he managed those few times to entertain all the fans. One of Shane O'Mac’s best matches was at King of the Ring 2001, which Kurt Angle defeated in a street fight.

Even today, the match is remembered for the two suplex inflicted by the Olympic gold medal against Shane against some glass panels. In a recent episode of his podcast, Angle spent honey words for Shane McMahon and his hardcore skills.

Kurt Angle praises Shane McMahon

During his last 'The Kurt Angle Show', the Hall of Famer WWE talked about Shane McMahon and the match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 19: "There are several stipulations in the world of wrestling and they are different from each other.

I remember well the match I made against Shane at King of the Ring. We were so bad that we both ended up in the hospital. Brock Lesnar and I WrestleMania 19 so many. I struggled with a broken neck against Brock and he almost broke his neck too.

I think these two matches are different, What they probably have in common is that they were very violent. Technically, I prefer the match with Lesnar and it is one of my favorites in this respect while as hardcore match is amazing the one against Shane McMahon.

I think Shane is one of the best hardcore fighters in the entire history of wrestling". In an episode of his 2022 podcast, Kurt Angle talked about the match with Shane McMahon at King of the Ring. The Olympic gold medal revealed that once he arrived backstage after the match he was acclaimed by fans but received a very cold reception from Vince, the latter was indeed concerned about the condition of his son saw the bloody match. Shane McMahon has been paired with All Elite Wrestling in recent weeks.

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