WWE suspends Drew McIntyre indefinitely

Money in the Bank 2024 was a very bitter night for Drew McIntyre

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE suspends Drew McIntyre indefinitely
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Money in the Bank 2024 was a very bitter night for Drew McIntyre: once again his dreams of glory were shattered against a harsh reality called CM Punk, He’s the one who screwed up his attempt to collect the briefcase he just won in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

As a result of what happened, as already reported on our pages, the Scotsman literally went crazy exactly as he had happened at Clash at the Castle, showing up at the panel post show at the table where Jackie Redmond and Big E were sitting, starting to rail against CM Punk, even threatening him until it was GM Adam Pearce who tried to calm him down, with the result of taking an elbow backwards from the Scottish Warriors who unfortunately paid dearly for their actions.

After what happened, Adam Pearce himself spoke on X writing: "Last night in Toronto there was a heavy emotional load in all respects. For better or worse. And that’s an understatement. I personally apologize for interrupting the show and my anger.

Poor Jackie feared for her life. And that’s an understatement. There will be a decision to be made regarding McIntyre/Punk."

Drew McIntyre goes crazy after MITB

That decision came from GM, who told WWE Universe that they had suspended Drew McIntyre indefinitely after what happened.

In addition, both CM Punk and Drew McIntyre were fined for what they did, as the Chicago athlete did not exactly act like a saint, continuing to intervene when he should not have to in the Scottish Warrior matches. If there will be any news about the suspension, we will of course let you know, so keep following us on our website.

Although a pinfall of up to 10 counted by the audience did not lead to McIntyre’s victory, in the end a new referee ran into the ring, but counted only up to 2, with the cameras that then framed him: it was CM Punk.

The Scotsman then got up, took him by the neck, but he freed himself with a kick in the lower parts allowing the champion to do his finisher to end the match victorious with count of Eddie Orengo who in the meantime had recovered.

Drew Mcintyre