Shocking botch by Damian Priest

WWE ace Damian Priest made a huge mistake

by Simone Brugnoli
Shocking botch by Damian Priest

On the night of Money in the Bank 2024, world champion Damian Priest was called to defend his title against Seth Rollins, in a match with a special stipulation: if he won Priest, then Rollins would not have come forward as a title challenger in his reign, but if he had won Rollins, then for Priest the adventure on Judgment Day would be over.

In the end, the Puerto Rican managed to take home the belt thanks to the fact that Drew McIntyre entered the match to cash the Money in the Bank briefcase just won in the men’s Ladder Match, with CM Punk who intervened to take down his Scottish enemy, allowing the champion to pin it with ease, but not everything during the match went as it should.

Following a Falcon Arrow, Seth Rollins went for the pinfall that was supposed to be just one count of two, but the problem is that Damian Priest did not get out of that pinfall forcing the referee to pretend it was a two, when in fact it was a three, before a second later he could make his entrance Mister MITB, making fans think that the music of the Scotsman had maybe started late, but it does not seem to have gone like that.

Botch by Damian Priest

During a recent press conference, Triple H was asked to comment when it happened, with him defending the champion: "There are humans in the ring, mistakes happen, things happen. It’s a shame we’re only talking about this and it’s going to be used to attack Damian Priest, who did a phenomenal performance tonight.

But a bunch of people will attack him, criticize him, comment on this. I don’t know why, but sometimes the negatives outweigh the positives. I’d like to isolate him from his phone so he can talk to someone about the positive things he did, to his journey and to the great work he has done as world champion and to what he has done to get to this point and to deserve it because he deserves all the credit in the world for all these things.

When I look at him as a worker now, I think I see a sample coming out, I think I see a very high-level guy."

Damian Priest