Update on Rhea Ripley's current status

The former champion returns to Raw and electrifies fans

by Simone Brugnoli
Update on Rhea Ripley's current status
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In recent weeks one of the absolute protagonists of the storyline of Monday Night Raw was definitely Liv Morgan, current champion of the red show that ripped the title from Becky Lynch, going first to injure the former champion Rhea Ripley, forcing her to vacate the title that later became her own.

After hitting the arm of the component of Judgment Day, Liv also began to establish an increasingly solid relationship with Dominik Mysterio, boyfriend in storyline just with Ripley, with all segments seen on Raw that have approached more and more two young athletes.

Tonight, we saw a mixed-pair match on Raw, with Zelina Vega and Rey Mysterio on one side and Liv Morgan and Dominik on the other, with the four competing in the Raw main event after weeks of attacks between them.

Rhea Ripley is a true champion

At the end of the match, won obviously by Dominik and Liv, only thanks to the improprieties of the two heel of the match, Dom Dom and Liv hugged, finishing down in the ring and coming dangerously close to a new kiss.

At this time, Rhea Ripley’s song resonated in the arena, with former Judgment Day champion entering the ring, causing Liv to escape into the audience and Dominik then having a face-to-face with his partner, after weeks of absence from the Raw ring.

In the last few days we had already talked about the possible comeback of Rhea Ripley, with the site Fightful that had reported some updates not even a week ago. Sean Ross Sapp of the Fightful website reported another update, saying: "There have been reports that Rhea Ripley is not on the SummerSlam schedule, although some sources in WWE indicate that there are the same things built for Rhea, so you can return to the scene whenever she is ready to return, even if not fighting in full effect.

He could go back to do things on-screen, but without a fight. Now, I don’t know what the creative plans are for her, however, the whole thing has been constructed in such a way that she can make a comeback before SummerSlam, if the situation requires it and if she wants".

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