The Wyatt Sicks appear without a mask

In recent weeks we have seen the growth of more and more exponential Wyatt Sicks

by Simone Brugnoli
The Wyatt Sicks appear without a mask
© Wrestling Battle/YouTube

In recent weeks we have seen the growth of more and more exponential Wyatt Sicks, namely the stable dedicated to the late Bray Wyatt, who died last summer leaving half all his projects in the ring of WWE, with the company that has thought well to continue them with his younger brother: Bo Dallas.

After building a new stable obscure that of the Wyatt Sicks, the five made their debut on Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago, starting to literally stalk Chad Gable at every moment and every episode of Raw. Even tonight, after Gable’s match against Jey Uso, the music of Wyatt Sicks interrupted the celebration, with the lights out and with the classic masked girl who delivered the VHS of the past few times to the comment table of the evening.

The Wyatt Sicks without a mask

Inside the clip last night, however, there was a time when all the members of the stable were framed without a mask, with the mystery that was so solved once and for all, on who is hiding under the masks of Wyatt Sicks and then Bo Dallas, Nikki Cross, Erick Rowan, Joe Gacy and Dexter Lumis.

Even tonight Bo Dallas spoke of people forgotten and discarded, with a proposal that was made to such people, who have obviously accepted, to become a new thing and then the stable of the Wyatt Sicks. After watching the first macabre interview between Uncle Howdy and Bo Dallas two weeks ago, even in the penultimate episode of Monday Night Raw there was yet another face-to-face between Dallas and Uncle Howdy, with Bo this time he began to go on a rampage, chased by his alter ego.

In one of the interview phases, in fact, Bo Dallas declared himself to be "the voice of Reckoning", with Uncle Howdy who literally stole the words from his mouth, in a skit that made fans and even Bo understand that the two are actually the same person.

Uncle Howdy will continue to be the protagonist of this storyline, since the X account of the Wyatt Sicks has posted in the last hours a message quite eloquent, just about Uncle Howdy.