Cody Rhodes on The Rock's WWE Return, Bonding with Seth Rollins

Cody Rhodes Reflects on Grueling Match Dynamics

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes on The Rock's WWE Return, Bonding with Seth Rollins
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Ever since The Great One made his WrestleMania 40 appearance, the rumors of a return to WWE for a dust-up with current World Champion Cody Rhodes have been running rampant. On a recent episode of 'The Pivot Podcast, Rhodes weighed in on The Rock's potential return while noting he could go for revenge himself.

"Ever since the day after WrestleMania, I've literally been just sitting on edge waiting for that music to hit," said Rhodes, ready right where I was that night to face him off. Though there is no certain detail as to when The Rock will return, Rhodes could sense that it was near.

“ I would hope that it happens sooner within the next year, " he said, essentially lining up with WWE fan predictions for a WrestleMania 41 face-off in Las Vegas. The Rock recently alluded to this, suggesting that it could be the biggest match of all time when WrestleMania comes around in April.

Cody Rhodes Respects Seth Rollins

Rhodes also talked about his relationship with another top name in WWE, Seth Rollins, during the interview. They weren't initially friendly, but they looked to be on the same page after their brutal Hell in a Cell match opened up in 2022.

“Wrestling Seth, especially with a fully torn pec in such a high-risk match. You kinda can’t help but have this new deep respect for him,” Rhodes said. Close enough that it was important for the road to WrestleMania 40.

Rhodes remembered a hair-raising episode when his bus caught fire out of the blue. A wall of fire rolled across the park, and suddenly, all that smoke meant nothing since it was either going to extinguish or explode in flames like dried grass.

I went to Seth's bus before anyone else, viewing the excitement from his window like a little kid. Over the years, Rollins has even kept Rhodes on track in WWE.

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