NXT's Je'Von Evans Reveals Childhood Wrestling Idols

Rising NXT Star Shares Wrestling Inspirations

by Noman Rasool
NXT's Je'Von Evans Reveals Childhood Wrestling Idols
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Since making his debut earlier this year, WWE NXT new comer Je'Von Evans has already started to turn plenty of heads. Now the 20-year-old Evans will challenge for the NXT title at Heatwave in Toronto, Canada. These will generally be low-rated, flavour-of-the-month opponents like Trick Williams or Ethan Page.

Though he has quickly made a name for himself, Evans did not discover his love of wrestling until 2018 as a teenager when the abilities that allow WWE to stand the test of time caught his attention.

Evans' Wrestling Idols

Speaking openly on "Under the Ring", Evans revealed which WWE stars played a pivotal role in his initial fascination with professional wrestling.

His idolisation of these wrestlers molded his ambitions between the ropes. "I love Jeff Hardy, its the charisma. The way he did everything the move set, it was just so charismatic," Evans said. Many consider Punk to be a watchable character and one of the better talkers on a microphone in recent memory, including Melendez.

And Kofi Kingston, "he was just all flying around and doing shit in the air? It's just I love the high-flyers because you can be almost like on pins and needles." The high-flying style and passion these wrestling icons were displaying on screen was something that resonated with Evans.

Overall, he said the top 3 are as follows: "That's it for me, three that truly stood out to expose me I wish I can do like this." This was when Evans earned his shot at the championship, winning in a Number 1 Contenders Battle Royal.

The show was notable not only for Evans' win but also the NXT debuts of TNA stars Joe Hendry and Frankie Kazarian. When Evans enters the ring at Heatwave, he will come with his dreams and ambitions but also a reverence for the course forged by his boyhood heroes. He already has the level of passion and dedication that could spell a very bright future in WWE NXT.