Shawn Michaels on AEW Stars Boosting WWE NXT

ew Beginnings Ignite NXT Championship Scene

by Noman Rasool
Shawn Michaels on AEW Stars Boosting WWE NXT
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WWE legend Shawn Michaels has said on his podcast, The Hall of Fame Show, how excited he is about the influence that they are having backstage in WWE NXT by former AEW stars Ethan Page and Shawn Spears. Michaels, the often-called "Heartbreak Kid," still took to a July 6th media call highlighting what both two superstars brought during NXT Heatwave 2024.

"But Ethan Page and Shawn Spears, those two have been great acquisitions," Michaels said. I used to work with Shawn Spears back in my NXT days. He was a great bloke and he still is. And Ethan Page is a new friend with an impressive early going.

Page's Championship Triumph

Page started in WWE NXT with a bang, winning the NXT Championship at Heatwave 2024. This early success provides a hopeful outlook for his future within WWE as well. Meanwhile, Spears has yet to win gold since coming back as a free agent but factored heavily into the main event four way at that extra Charge.

Of their respective tenures, Michaels remarked that "reportedly they are in the midst of perhaps some of the best runs ever for both.entries." I want to continue that roll for them. Further entrenching their activities out of the ring.

With their wealth of knowledge and experience they are integral in the mentorship & development to our young talent here at NXT. But they are both invaluable guides. String Buffer respects them. Page went to "NXT" in May after leaving AEW, where he was unhappy with his booking on TV.

In the same vein, Spears reappeared on WWE TV in February following a sabbatical ACTING with AEW dealing similarly limited screen time. Michaels added that more is in store for their contribution to the brand, saying "They are not just here to win titles but they will be helping to make everyone on this roster better." They are already having an important influence with their leadership and strength. They continue to reimagine their own tale but also constantly redefine the paths of those rising up through NXT.

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