WWE's Dijak Reflects on the Dual Nature of Retribution

Exploring the challenges of WWE's Retribution

by Noman Rasool
WWE's Dijak Reflects on the Dual Nature of Retribution
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The former WWE star detailed what for him was a tumultuous but incredible run with the House of McMahon and his memorable time as T-Bar in Retribution. On Busted Open Radio, just returning to his previous name of Donovan Dijak, he spoke about how he has some regrets about the short-lived yet highly influential stable.

Dijak said: "The whole thing was extremely bittersweet, from a career perspective and mentally as well." In fact, it's a double-edged sword and I will not lie that this is everything but sweet. We've all been WWE or NXT for a long time; three years in NXT is pretty significant.

"That part is a huge positive, according to Dijak. It was a dream come true for us to get called up," He said, "We got closer, and our salary was also higher, and job security was better, especially due to the pandemic," This time frame enabled them to build a bigger TV presence allowing each member the chance to be known.

Retribution's Rocky Reception

But it wasn't all wine and roses. Dijak has stated that McMahon was inspired by the idea, and supported it at first; Retribution began as inspiration from Antifa. "Shawn Spears also discussed his time as part of The Pinnacle, where he said they committed to Vince’s vision for the group because that was their job.

But with as devoted as they were to the faction and its success, a segment of online criticism was harsh against them too, which Dijak says played into those who backed their group losing support from Fox Fozzy (along side his co backing), leading eventually McMahon's interest in having anything substantial for them waning." In his own reflection, Dijak offers a measured perspective on his time in Retribution and the professional highs and personal lows it entailed.

That experience highlights how wrestling storylines can be very nuanced and the consequences it has in real life to those who are involved.