Jey Uso Admits to Fleeing Whenever Wyatt Sicks Appears

Jey Uso's Strategy Against Wyatt Sicks

by Noman Rasool
Jey Uso Admits to Fleeing Whenever Wyatt Sicks Appears
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On a recent episode of WWE RAW Talk, star Jey Uso made it clear that he stays out of the way when Wyatt Sicks is around. He said that anytime Wyat Stick showed up, his response was simply get out before telling Liz he, too, would see himself out.

In the previous episode of WWE RAW, Chad Gable and Jey Uso had a fiery showdown. The match was full of action, and it had eyes glued to the screen with their high-octane combat. The lights in the arena started to go off as the fight was approaching, signalling an end.

Jey took the opportunity to hit Gable with a spear and quickly left the ring.

Jey Uso Says On RAW Talk

In the confusion, Nikki Cross returned in a spout of smoke to chase off Gable. This bizarre imagery was reminiscent of past weeks, when she showed up to the commentator's booth and left a mysterious box before deftly exiting as that portion ended.

Jey Uso Addresses Wyatt Sicks Interference During RAW Talk Interview He laid out his game plan of running away on sight from the group, integrating their constant attack they pull whenever he is near Chad Gable. Jey Uso: Oh, man....and I been saying it for weeks now.

"Jackie, the Wyatts are here. On god, Chad keeps getting gotI'm not. So when the lights go out, scream and shout But we gots to run. It’s time to go, so YEET. You feel me? Okay. So if we see something, it's yeet and run. Just like now.

It’s time to go, so." The statement of Jey Uso must have made everyone think that he is not going to face Wyatt Sicks for long. He stressed that he will always bow out whenever Wyatt Sicks showed his face, so there began their endless game of peek-a-boo.

Now the mysterious Wyatt Sicks have shown up on RAW and just delivered a package to Michael Cole adding another layer of confusion. A member of the esteemed Anoa'i family of Samoan grapplers, Jey Uso made his WWE debut in 2010 as one-half of a tag team with his brother under their collective moniker The Usos.

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