Shelton Benjamin Reveals Abandoned WWE Plans for The Hurt Business Reunion

WWE reunion rumors stir excitement among fans.

by Noman Rasool
Shelton Benjamin Reveals Abandoned WWE Plans for The Hurt Business Reunion
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Former WWE faction The Hurt Business is one that has often been considered as coming to an end too early, and Shelton Benjamin recently offered his thoughts on its untimely demise. Speaking with "Metro UK," Benjamin was adamant that the collective of himself, Bobby Lashley, MVP and Cedric Alexander had more to give in wrestling before their untimely separation.

"His run with The Hurt Business was one of my defining contributions to the wrestling business," Benjamin said to emphasize just how important he felt the group had been. Even though they had all the makings of a top tier group, just as quickly it seemed that faction was no more - much to everyone's dismay.

"Obviously, that was ended prematurely." way to soon, Benjamin stated. Speaking Among Split, MVP underscored the long-term possibilities of The Hurt Business by stating: "To this day I still feel like there is so much more that's possible for what we could do with The Hurt Business.

Again we don't make those calls. That, I guess you know. And as I said, love it or hate [you] just gotta live with and move on."

MVP Teases Reunion

Rumours of a Gallows, Anderson and Styles reunion had been running rampant recently with MVP stirring the pot along wtih (another former member) In a number of Instagram replies, MVP teased some ideas for the reunion to WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H: ultimately they were denied whatever that case was and what else fans could extrapolate from what MVP hinted at with how it involved Triple H, Benjamin stopped just short but made clear talk of getting back together went further than just "someone said something." For sure, "The Hurt Business returning has been talked about and planned out a bit," Benjamin revealed.

But the plans seemed always in motion. "Dates kept changing, and things changed. And then one day it was like, 'Nope, we're not doing that anymore.' And that was man, that was a real kick in the balls." The Hurt Business Benjamin's account suggests that there are layers of nostalgia and frustration within the members in comparison to fans alike, underlining how twists and turns may emerge as WWE keeps on developing new stories or characters.

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