Shawn Michaels Endorses NXT Talent for WWE Main Roster Triumph

NXT's Lola Vice Impresses Shawn Michaels

by Noman Rasool
Shawn Michaels Endorses NXT Talent for WWE Main Roster Triumph
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Critical to the development of WWE superstars are hands-on training sessions with legendary wrestler and current NXT trainer Shawn Michaels, a member of WWE Hall Of Fame. He then sculpts raw talent, some Triple-A, into ready-made competitors for the big time squad.

On the other hand, it has been over a year since Lola Vice was announced with NXT signees and she instantly brought an appeal to their appearances. Michaels detailed the plan for Vice to potentially move up to Raw or SmackDown during a media call promoting the Heatwave Premium Live Event.

Michaels Backs Lola Vice

Michaels had very high hopes for Vice, recognizing her talent as well as how ready Pyper was to play bigger rooms. "Lola has every bit of the ability, [and] all the tools needed to be a main roster star," said Michaels.

However, he also underscored her novice status mentioning she was developmentally, still just a kid. "She's still so fresh, so young to the game, and while she has that 'it' factor about her it takes time to get fully ready for main roster competition," he continued.

It is a very methodical and conservative approach of developing resources. Michaels wants to be sure that whoever comes up from NXT, they're ready for the main roster and not just any version of it. Michaels suggested, "When you move them they are making a difference not filling the spot." When it came to his belief in talent as being ready, Michaels addressed this matter as well.

He admitted that some may be poised to step up sooner, but advocates higher bars. And he thinks that this painstaking grooming process is absolutely necessary to prep NXT talents for life as superstars on the patronymic roster, not just in terms of competitors but change-makers.

Michaels said that sometimes involves keeping wrestlers in NXT longer than expected, to make sure they are prepared and ready to shine when then ultimately move on into the greater WWE universe. And his loyalty to that long-term vision highlights the value of having a sturdy basis laid down before diving into WWE's volatility at wrestling's highest level.

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